HPN Expo

Supporting collaboration & innovation in healthcare

Healthcare Partnership Network (HPN) is the forum for key stakeholders from across the healthcare ecosystem to collaborate and define the way forward for the NHS.


We bring together senior operational, digital and clinical leaders from integrated care systems, acute trusts, community partnerships, mental health trusts, ambulance services, primary care networks, and more. This inclusive participation ensures that all facets of the healthcare leadership ecosystem are involved in shaping the future of healthcare in the UK.


HPN is a unique networking and shared learning event, bringing together 150+ senior leaders in the NHS and the sector’s most transformational suppliers to connect, collaborate and learn how digital transformation and innovation can enhance excellence in the NHS.  We aim to take the learnings from pockets of excellence and share the knowledge across the organisations. 


Over two days, HPN encourages productive discussions and fosters partnerships between healthcare leaders and suppliers, ultimately driving positive change and improved healthcare outcomes within the NHS.