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As a leading NHS provider of advanced coding, speech, and artificial intelligence (AI) powered solutions, 3M M*Modal’s technology spans the clinical documentation lifecycle. Enviable customer engagement is testament to 3M M*Modal’s passion and dedication and by creating time to care and accelerating innovation in speech recognition and AI technologies we help healthcare organisations deliver value-based care.

Driving a progressive strategy, 3M M*Modal clients can seamlessly transition from speech enabling the electronic patient record (EPR), to effectively engaging clinicians with proactive insights on patient care. This can be achieved through a smart virtual assistant that uses hands-free conversational AI for finishing routine clinician tasks like queuing up orders.


3M M*Modal takes its market-leading Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) technology that nudges clinicians toward best practice at the point of care to the next level with its virtual assistant. 3M M*Modal is changing the paradigm on the patient-clinician relationship and transforms the experience of healthcare by unifying clinical workflows to improve quality, efficiency, and satisfaction.


Learn more: www.3m.com

Alex Johnston
UK Sales Director

Andrew Keeling
Key Account Manager

Alex Hudford Strategic Development Manager

Erik Van Hoeymissen

Vice President Global Business Development Director